Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

A post with many parenthesis. (Mostly about coding)

Guppy is not yet convinced it's time to sleep; there is periodic outraged babbling from the monitor.

Thinking a lot about boundaries, politics, and social media.

Lots of programming in my in-between time - bits of genius are going into the Sketch Fest improvements, and I think it's going to be awesomely useful for artists and buyers both. I think I'm done with the upload/product adding pages now. (For real this time.) Now I just need to make the pages where you buy them, and write the checks to make sure that something isn't sold twice if it's a limited item.

Debating several things, not limited to: restricting product sales to using EMG credits (SO, SO much easier to deal with! But maybe too restrictive!), how to cope with reactivating prompts (I have some Ideas) and how to track the data from auctions... (hmm.)

For now, though, I'm going to brush my teeth and hope that the latest bit of complaint from the nursery was the last for the night...

(I wrote this last night, but apparently did not post it. Hmm!)
Tags: coding, guppy

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