Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Unpacking the brain...

Gotta unpack the brain before sleep, because I've been programming, and if I go to bed with my brain ramped up like this, I'll be coding all night in my head. (I've done this. It's awful. Does it happen to other programmers??)

I have totally finished the uploads/edits page for Sketch Fest, with all the awesome new product options. The products still need to be displayed at the viewing/shopping end, along with all the actual buying tools, and there aren't any tools to edit or delete the products yet. I've got good checks for adding the products in place, though, (I hope) and I added some security to the editing page (so you can't edit someone else's work, for one). The editing hadn't been integrated with the upload page yet, so I paused to catch THAT up. Also made a dozen other little cosmetic tweaks. If Guppy continues to nap well, I should have this all ironed out in time for the next Sketch Fest. I also have to do some login/password things, but those SHOULD be fairly straight-forward.

Too tired to think. Have a baby photo with bonus snooty cat. Hopefully I can go to sleep without coding now...

Tags: guppy, photos, sketch fest
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