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Tie-dyed with Melody yesterday! One of my favorite old flowy white shirts was rather distinctly not-white anymore, so I tied it up in interesting shapes and squirted the heck out of it with dye bottles. Going for a darkish purplish blueish, but I won't get to see what it will actually look like until we rinse the stuff tomorrow evening. Also dyed a few pairs of undies and two pillowcases. Fun stuff!! Can't wait to see how the colors turn out.

Re-outlined 'Harder They Fall' this weekend, broke it into two separate stories, ditched even more of the original prose and now I'm basically back at square one (maybe square two...) with only about 15% of the actual text written. But it will be better. Much better. I think it was good before, but I rarely settle for good. Artwork I find I have to *stop* with, because there's only so much the paper will take, but with writing, I find myself endlessly editing and cutting and re-writing. I kind of dread that about having a tablet. I'll never accept anything as finished when I can keep improving it.

Sat and drew for a bit last night, and have another romantic-squishy piece for the Project. I adore that colored paper. It's so easy to be loose and sketchy and then punch it up a bit with some white pencil.

And a tip I'm discovering... if you want to make a boring sketch look about 75% more finished, scribble in a dark featureless background. It really pulls the people out of the page and makes them look anchored in space.

Website about 98% ready for renaming and rebuilding in correct folder. Jake is gone on a roadtrip overnight and I have tomorrow off from work. I have ~36 hours after work today to get that sucker Up and Finished. Sleep is for weenies.

1. Finish on-line contracts and emails with logins and passwords.
1.5. Upload new shopping cart product info to CCNOW.
2. Purge/code some of the minor little pages that I've made changes on in the old/new directory and upload them into the new/new2 directory.
3. Delete old/new directory.
4. Rename new/new2 directory new.
5. Rebuild site.
6. Troubleshoot.
7. Troubleshoot.
8. Troubleshoot.
9. Troubleshoot.
10. Send out update list announcement.
11. More troubleshooting.
12. Start going through new artist stuff for further updating.
13. Send out signature pages to everyone who has confirmed/updated their addresses.
14. Troubleshoot.

Hmmm... anyone want some free stuff? If someone is willing to go through all the entries and scrutinize them (once it's up), check shopping cart links, check all of the artist/product/entry/info links, look for broken pictures, double-check spelling and just be a fresh set of eyeballs, I'll send you a care package of cool stuff. I'll include one of the coloring books, a mousepad, some stickers and magnets, and a pack of cards. And a very rare EMG puzzle! (Only ten have been made, and that's all that I'll make for quite some time...) You have to be *seriously* thorough and it's boring work, and there are a LOT of links to check, but I hope you'll find it worth your time. (Besides, I like giving stuff away...) The first to sign up (comment) gets the job.

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