Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursday - and November!

It's November! Are you Nano-ing?

I'm doing a personal, modified NaNo and attempting to finish the Rails storyline. It's not a wordcount rush, for me, just a Get to the End Darnit sort of thing. Because after that, I have Big Things to work on and I want to start rolling those out in January. Today I hope to break it down into the parts I still have to write, and then I'll be able to use a counter to check off the bits. It gets dark, in the next few sections. I... hope I'm up for it. The latest segment, Railfashions Part 1, is up now: http://www.tornworld.net/storypageview.php?id=437

Working on more artwork, too - and LOVING a piece I'm working on. It's fun and frivolous and cute. There isn't enough of that in the world.

There is a new issue of EMG-Zine up: http://emg-zine.com (We shall not speak of how tedious it was to make this gallery because the submission acceptance script borked up thumbnail generation and I had to do it all by hand. YOU'D BETTER ENJOY IT.)

Today is the LAST day to submit. Ever! Our last theme is Stars, and I'd like to make it an awesome one.

As you glance through this issue (and maybe browse the archives!) - bookmark some of your favorite EMG-Zine features, fiction, artwork and columns! We are going to be accepting nominations and highlighting some of our favorites in January. Details to be ironed out, but there will be some rewards for those creators, and they will get a special place in the final zine configuration. (Yes, you MAY nominate your own work, however, you must also nominate something else for every piece of your own that you nominate.)

Debating between three arty projects I REALLY want to tackle now, and doing some invoicing for webwork. *sighs*
Tags: emg-zine, torn world

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