Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Art and photos

Elsa and I dressed up for Halloween, went into town, and I bought a new coat! (My last coat was thrown out in the spring, because duct-tape is not a good insulator.)

Here is a quick snap of the two of us after coming back. My black nose has mostly smudged off, but it's a little redundant because my hat has a nose anyway...

One more Halloween-y type photo:

And two photos-with-Bear at 8 months, one serious, one SERIOUSLY silly:

And art!

Here are some pieces I finished in ink from this month's Sketch Fest:

And one from a previous Sketch Fest, still destined to be colored:

I have more, but I'm not sharing them yet... >.>

I need to send some Sketch Fest payments, and fold laundry, and pay bills.

Hope you guys are having a good week so far!
Tags: art, artwork, guppy, photos, sketch fest

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