Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

State of the Ellen

Baby is still sleeping, laundry is switched, various things are crossed off my list, and... I feel like I owe a state of the Ellen update, healthwise.

In general: I'm doing really well.

In specific:

  • Back.

    Yesterday I stacked most of a cord of spruce. We borrowed a 27 ton log splitter and split ALL our spruce up. (This was the result of going out last week to split a log and instead hurting my back and wedging the axe in said log; I was much bruised in ego and muscle.) Given that I can walk without terrible discomfort today and am NOT crippled by the stacking work (sore, yes, but it's a nice kind of sore), I can safely say that my back is in very good shape. Even the 'hurt' I caused it trying to split that stubborn log (which, I'd like it noted, Jake did split up for me, but not without significant difficulty himself - it was not solely a failure of strength, but of stupidity in selecting a very knotted, twisted log!) faded after just a day.

    Too many parenthesis. Summation: back is in very good shape.

  • Tailbone.

    This has been a ridiculously slow-healing injury. I have continued to need cushions... right up until last week, when I realized I could sit comfortably in my chair without my butt-donut. I still need the cushion in the hard-seated kitchen chair, but I needed a cushion there BEFORE monsterus minimus made her appearance. It is still occasionally sore and I wouldn't want to travel long distances in an uncomfortable seat, or spend hours in a crappy hard chair, but finally, finally, finally, I can sit on the floor with my baby girl without cringing.

    Summation: FINALLY healing. Not entirely back to normal, but nearly.

  • Downstairs parts.

    I'll be honest, I was really a bit concerned about this. I didn't mention it publicly before, but along with the episiotomy from hell (nearly an hour of stitches, people!), I also prolapsed my uterus. I didn't really relish people googling pictures of that unpleasantness while I was worried that I would never be normal, and it caused a lot of angst in my head. (Are you back from googling those pictures? It's fortunately a lot less messy in humans than it is in animals... but it's still not pretty, and mine was not minor.) But lo, loyal kegels and two months or more later, things gradually healed back the way they had been, and I am pleased to report that everything is just fine. Almost unchanged from it's original state, and certainly nothing to be worried about. Nerves and muscles all function like they should, and everything is back where it belongs.

    Summation: Everything's great.

  • Weight.

    I shed my pregnancy weight within 6 weeks or so. Breastfeeding is awesome for that, and I'm just genetically inclined to be thin. (Also, that was a helluva stressful six weeks!) I seem to have stabilized at about 125, which is a very good weight for me. I fit into all of my pants again, but not all of my shirts, given the life-giving orbs of Some Magnitude on my chest that are producing baby sustenance. There is a little flab on my tummy, but less than there was when I was developing my gall bladder problems; I'm not bothered by that. I sometimes get busy and forget to eat, but am going to be better about that, because it reflects directly in my moods. We smoked delicious cheeses this weekend, and we're well stocked with granola bars, so I have no excuse for not having a quick, high-protein snack when I need it.

    Summation: Doing well. Must be diligent about eating.

  • Mentally.

    I like being Mom. I like it A LOT. I am busier than ever, and it's completely rewarding. I've gotten some art time, and some writing time, baby girl sleeps at night (so I can too!), I am figuring out how to balance All The Things (and Jake is a great help!). Creatively, I'm feeling inspired. I've recently figured out a few major things that have been naggingly at me, and feel much better for having faced them and set out solutions. I am behind on emails, but have been doing a few things for myself, deliberately, as a sanity sort of thing, and I think it's paying off in settling my brain. Eating helps, too. At this weight, mood follows food pretty closely.

    Summation: Doing well. Must be diligent about eating.

    So, that's me. How are you guys doing??
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