Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Sketch Fest is tomorrow! I have one of the many features I wanted to have finished ready to go - you can now sort prompts by newest anonymously. (You can still see who left the prompt by clicking on it, it's just not grouped by prompter anymore.) I had a few requests for that feature, so I made it happen. I'm awesome like that.

She thinks I'm awesome:

(Actually, at the moment, she doesn't, because I'm trying to convince her she needs a second nap, and she's pretty sure she doesn't. I am NOT ready to be down to one nap a day. And her first one today was pretty short.)

I think I had more news, but nerves are shot listening to miserable baby. Must go gnaw on fingernails or make dinner or have a beer or give in and get her up. I haven't decided yet.
Tags: guppy, photos, sketch fest

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