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Drive-by Tuesday with new story, photos, etc...

One more day to vote in the Torn World fiction contest - several of these stories are available to the public ONLY for the duration of the vote, so take advantage of this treat, if only for your own pleasure! http://torn-world.livejournal.com/123405.html

Related, one of my new stories is in this contest, The Colors of Change: http://www.tornworld.net/storypageview.php?id=425

“There's more color in the summer,” Kativa said with a sigh, dropping her load of wood with a clatter on the growing stack at the edge of the village and sinking to rest next to Tolnam in the waist-high grass.

“Nah,” Tolnam said, using the sharp edge of his knife to split a blade of grass and make a mouth reed. “Just more sunlight to see it with.” He sheathed the knife and made a rude noise with the grass reed.

Kether offered, “It's the same thing.” He dropped his own armful of wood over Kativa's with more control, despite the fact that he had several rounds more than she had. “Color is caused by reflective light, but it's also a property of the object.” He crouched down where Tolnam was sprawled, rolling feeling back into one numb shoulder.

The three had learned about reflection, light, and the tedious equations that the Ancients said defined it the summer before. Kativa and Tolnam had merely memorized the strings of letters and modifiers that they were supposed to know, but Kether was genuinely interested in the idea of tiny measurements that no one could even see. He had even dragged his age-mates outside in a thunderstorm, to watch for lightning strikes and count for the thunder, once a raiser had explained the speeds of sound and light.

“You sound like an Elder,” Kativa groused, and Tolnam made the blade of grass squeal in agreement. She was ready for a change, felt like one was hanging in the air waiting for them. Would they qualify for the age-set tests this year? She was the youngest of the set, which was more spread out than usual, and she knew that they were all watching her and waiting anxiously for her to mature physically so that they could all finally become adults. She was ready for the change, she thought fiercely...

(Little does she know! Heh!)

This was the story with the working title of 'Hampered,' and at one point 'The Color of Summer Ice,' neither of which really fit it by the time I arrived at the end.

Sketch Fest! This Friday! http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/

Have an idea for a project. A really JUICY project. A fun, silly project I really want to do... >.>

Guppy keeps growing, even though I've sternly told her to stop that.

She doesn't WANT to sit back now! Also, if I turn off the swing, she swings herself.

Becca came over on Saturday and we went for a walk in the snow! It was really loose, so hard going with the stroller, but it will be easier once there's some pack down.

1 below, today. Brrr! Might start the woodstove.

Mailed orders yesterday. A polite reminder that coloring books make AWESOME Christmas presents: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/coloringbooks.php
Also, I am discontinuing Rum and Ruffians!

There's the baby - I'm off!
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