Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Web progress.

Oof... Got *all* of the artist pages built for the new site. Also cleaned up a bunch of minor errors, and worked up some of the templates. I still have a few more contracts to work on, but email was periodically down for maintenence, so I concentrated on the webpage. I'm still enormously pleased with the new server speed. I can rebuild *everything* in about two minutes, as opposed to the 30+ minutes it took on the old server. Updating artists is going to be a breeze once this is in motion.

Art time! Painted! That watercolor masking fluid is fantastic. I had a sinking feeling I'd completely screwed up by not scanning the ink version when the /waterproof/ ink started smudging around in the fluid. Ack! But the smudgy bits lifted right up with the latex. The ink was a little grayed out, but really not bad.


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