Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

A conversation from last night...

I was washing dishes, and slowed down in my headlong rush to carefully wipe off a knife blade.

Jake: No! Don't slow down, you'll hurt yourself!

Me: Er, what? How will I hurt myself by slowing down?

Jake: You'll hit your head when you fall asleep standing up.

Yeah, I was pretty wiped out by the end of yesterday.

I made bread and vacuumed and did three loads of laundry and skinned three pig bellies and did a whole bunch of dishes and sterilized my kitchen three times yesterday. We also got our guardrail installed yesterday, and Guppy did NOT want to be put down while strangers were here, so I ended up holding her for three some odd hours straight. My biceps are wheezing and the thumb of my cutting hand was numb for several hours after I finished up yesterday (skinning pig bellies is NOT easy). However, we've got six huuuuuge chunks of bacon curing in the bottom of the fridge (which had to be completely reorganized to fit the cooler), and O.M.G. The guardrail, you guys! I asked Jake if it was pretty enough and he said no, that we should get them to come remove it and try again. He was kidding, fortunately. Pictures later.

Curly and Moe delivered our washer and dryer on Wednesday, and they are SHINY and my cloths smell DELICIOUS. I had to sit upstairs in the nursery with the baby while they got the washer down the basement stairs because I was pretty sure they were going to kill themselves and I didn't want her to watch that. It has three scratches on it that I need to call Sears about today. Not going to make them replace it, but should report it and maybe they'll give me a discount or a tube of enamel repair or something. I was unimpressed with Curly and Moe. They were very nice, but not very experienced and besides being an hour and a half late, I had to loan them tools and catch an item on the inventory that they had lost in the back of their van (and didn't use). Also, they didn't hook up the drain completely and left trash in my driveway. But I have a shiny new washer and dryer, and they work and my cloths are magically cleaner than ever before using hardly any water!

Okay, breakfast now, and then I need to evaluate my day...
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