Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Friday getting things together...

It feels like it's been a productive week... but I haven't managed to cross everything off my week's list!

Things I've done that weren't on my list:

  • Spent all the money in the world (new washer, dryer, crib, guardrail AND phone! NONE Of which I get to enjoy yet!)
  • Article for EMG-Zine on DPI
  • New page at EMG-Zine for staff and contributors (mostly done, anyway)
  • Revised Chaos poem and resubmitted
  • Did some licensing stuff that I will announce in the future

    Muse Fusion opens at noon (ish)!

    I'm going through some older work and finding some pieces that are not up in my archives yet (!!) - you might get some new (old) work to giggle at in the next few weeks.

    Baby is stirring but not quiiiiite awake yet; my blogging time is running out swiftly. Have a picture from yesterday:

    With Papa's hardhat!

    And a bonus photo with cat:

    The cat has decided she LOVES the rubber ducky, and will come from across the room to play with it just out of Elsa's reach...
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