Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Have some photos

She's not crawling yet, but OH so close. She is, in the meantime, rolling where she wants to go. The stair guard rail is being welded up this week.

Have I mentioned that she's an active baby? Constantly in motion! Also, I'm giving her that duck to play with a lot, and I'm going to try bringing it to the pool as a distractant. We gave her a bath in the sink last night, and she had a lot of fun, splashing around and not at all upset. So it's not JUST water. We're going to play in her swimsuit and water diaper tonight, just to get her comfortable with that, too. If I have my act together, I might get her to the pool with me some quiet morning.

And some non-baby photos of autumn in Alaska...

The flecks in the sky are leaves, falling. This was last week - they are all gone from the trees now.

(Prints of any of my photos are available, $12 each for 8x10, inquire for other sizes.)
Tags: alaska, guppy, photos

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