Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Snippet Sunday

(Stolen from various people... post a segment of a work in progress on Sunday!)

Kativa struck off first, full of energy and desire to prove herself, and skittered along the path at the head of the group defiantly. Kether and Tolnam were at her heels, rough-housing good-naturedly as the path narrowed to permit only a single person.

It was harder going than Kativa liked to admit, but she kept ahead of her age-mates by sheer stubborn will and the advantage of being more nimble through the steep areas. Glancing back, she saw that Kether had let Tolnam go first and he was panting several lengths behind her. Birka and Anler were much further back, pacing themselves more sensibly along the steep trail. To one side, the bluff dropped away to the river below, which threw itself in a roaring fall from the hilltops ahead. The open pipe that mimicked their path and should have been taking water to the village was free from debris but had barely a trickle of water; their problem still lay ahead somewhere - probably near the top of the waterfall.
Tags: torn world, writing

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