Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursday, list edition with photos

Today's list starts out like yesterday's, though I did get SOME of the items crossed off:

  • Letter to insurance
  • Pay radiology
  • Pay TVC
  • Return radio
  • Return clip-on highchair
  • Vacuum
  • Dishes
  • bread
  • Shower
  • Programming - one feature @ SF
  • Programming - one edit @ clientsite
  • Invoice client
  • Invoice other client
  • drink enough water (I've been slipping!)
  • Write 500 words on Hampered (ONE more scene to do, and I'm at 3750 now! Might be a 5000 word story, but I'm guessing 4500. Today might finish it.) DONE! Story is DONE!
  • Post @ TW
  • Baby-care - working on it!

    We went for a walk yesterday!

    Also, she slept for ELEVEN hours last night, with one wake-up at 4 AM that was just a little mellow babbling (with me half-awake, curled around the baby monitor waiting for it to escalate into a cry for help) and it trailed off in a sleepy ahblabahblahmabla... eh... blahehma.... ... blah.... eh... zzzzzzz..... I finally woke her up at hour eleven, and she rubbed her eyes and yawned and looked annoyed, then smiiiiiiiiiled.

    I keep waiting for this to just be a phase... or maybe a sleep-deprived hallucination. Best. Baby. Ever.

    ETA: Going to assume this is a growth spurt, because she's wanting to eat every hour.
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