Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesday with a list

Because if I don't make a list, I will forget things. Like eating breakfast. (Now that it's 1 PM...)

  • Shower
  • Bills
  • Post something at Torn World
  • Update subscribers at TW.
  • programming? SO much to do!
  • Mail Sketch Fest art
  • (Finish ladybug picture)
  • lunch (and breakfast!)
  • Get food out of freezer for this week
  • Change seventeen dirty diapers and feed the baby every few hours - well on our way here...
  • Baby photo for Jake
  • Update Sketch Fest purchases
  • Send artist payments

    Bonus achievements: Dishes, vacuuming, folded laundry (and put away) and cleaned the kitchen.

    Guess who's overtired and doesn't want to sleep? NOT ME!

    (On the plus side, night three in a row with eight or more hours of sleep at once! For her, anyway - I wasn't so lucky last night.)
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