Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Monday afternoonly

I had the grandsitters over for afternoon tea soup and fresh bread, and it was a lovely time. I feel like I've squandered their visit being tired and wandering around like a zombie.

Laundry is spinning and the floor is vacuumed. It needs mopped. Badly. But it's super muddy again today, and I tell myself that it would just need mopped again tomorrow...

I'd like to write an article for each of the last few issues of EMG-Zine if possible (in my copious free time!). Are there any business/technical sort of questions you'd like to see me tackle? I've already got one queued up on the topic of DPI, any other burning questions? What articles would have been most helpful to you just starting out (or maybe a little further in) in the artwork business? No promises I'll get to them, but I'd like to try...

Now, baby-playing. And, trying a programming fix for a puzzle that suddenly occurred to me yesterday....

And I haven't forgotten your photo...

Tags: daily, emg-zine, guppy, life

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