Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

This weekend...

Oof. What a weekend.

Saturday was lovely. Got enough sleep, had a nice breakfast, and after a nice lazy start with awesome giggly family time, we decided to work on the shower drain. It's been leaking into the basement a bit, and has gotten progressively worse and worse, making a damp corner down there and generally being 'not so good.' Guppy went to visit her grandsitters and aunt and after we took the drain apart, we drove in to Lowe's for supplies and took trash in and got a load of water. Dinner was delicious steaks and salad, and we got the drain all put back together with silicone curing. It felt nice to get something done again - this summer has been not only cold and crappy in weather, but also really low on getting things checked off. Except 'take care of Guppy.' That's pretty much the item on the list that's gotten attention.

To be expected, I'm sure!

Sunday made up for the nice Saturday. Sleep was sparse (I hoped to work a nap in, but did not!), and we woke up to take showers. "How's the drain look?" Jake asked from inside the shower. I trotted happily downstairs... and found that water was streaming into the bucket below the shower. Worse. Than. Ever. I was really crushed, and the day went downhill from there. Some of it was little picky stuff - out of the food that would have complimented the meal we had, minor back pain, a dizzy spell, general frustration - and some of it was even more stressful. Jake's iPad wasn't syncing music quite right - it would skip songs rather randomly, and double up others even more randomly. Every time it synced, it picked a different number of songs to transfer - never the full library like it was supposed to. After hours of trying to fix it (thinking, foolishly, that it would be an easier fix than the $%&*@ drain), we made things worse. ("My apps are all gone. All of them! My data! My work files!") And then, we finally upgraded both iTunes and the iPad and did a full, complete reset of the OS and restored from a backup and it transferred all the library like a good little technological device. Limp with relief, we then tore the drain apart again. By this point, it was dinner time and we realized there was no meat thawed. We threw together a 'what CAN we eat' meal, put the drain back together (More silicone. Tighter ring nut.) declared the day a general Mulligan and went to bed. Oh, and Guppy's tooth tried gamely to make an appearance, so she was fussier at times than usual and at other times, she was the sole happy spot in the house.

That means, of course, that I got no writing done this weekend. I hope to do some today! The Muse Fusion is open a few more hours! http://torn-world.livejournal.com/116759.html

Baby's thumping in the cradle upstairs... play time now! Photos later!
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