Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


My brain at 3:30 this morning after refusing to go back to sleep for two hours, even though baby girl was slumbering peacefully and I KNEW this was my big chance at sleep:

I wonder why I'm so lousy at friendship. Am I a bad person? Hey, I figured out a solution to that programming thing that's been bugging me. I need to email so-and-so. Am I playing favorites? I wonder how to reply to such-and-them. Oh, that's how to end that story! [composes several pages of prose and tries to repeat it so that I can remember it in the morning...] I have a great idea for a drawing. Oh, I should remember this as a prompt for Sketch Fest. I need to remember that Muse Fusion is tomorrow. Why can't I sleep? Should I have said that-and-so in that conversation three weeks ago? I hope they didn't take it the wrong way. Them-and-so probably thinks I'm an idiot. I wonder if I could program this script over here to do this...

And, after finally getting what passes for enough sleep these days, my brain at about 11 this morning:


Thanks, brain. Love you, too.

Posting Muse Fusion shortly.

ETA: Muse Fusion is open! http://torn-world.livejournal.com/116759.html

(Is THIS where brains are supposed to go, Mom?)

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