Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Had a poo-splosion this afternoon that required a shower. Seriously, epic. Sticky yellow poo to her elbows.

Babies are so much fun. (And strangely, I mean that, even after having to scrub her clothes and sheets in the sink.)

In OTHER, less gross news...

I'm looking for portraits, in two places!

We need new portraits at Portrait Adoption! Remember that keeping the site active promotes sales! Scour your sketchbook for some half-finished face sketches... it doesn't have to be NEW work, just work that hasn't been shown unwatermarked online! And, thanks to Chella and Erika, we've got a nifty new feature - now, when a submitted portrait is approved, you can get an automatic notification via email! You are, by default, NOT signed up for this list (because I hate being signed up for lists) - go to the lilypad and click on 'information and links' to sign up for this option. Everyone will get the first one as an announcement, but none after that unless they opt in!

We also need portraits at Torn World! Our art contest this month is to create portraits for any character at the site who doesn't have one yet! So far, I'm the only one who has submitted any... >.> (This makes me sad...) Our database of characters is extensive - more than 300 now! See them all here: http://www.tornworld.net/cisintro.php

Also, in the line of requesting stuff, EMG-Zine has only FOUR more issues! If you have ever thought 'I ought to do an article for Ellen...' THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. I really want to go out with a bang, guys... and if you have some ideas for a last-issue celebration, brainstorm them here! I'd love to hear them!

And of course, baby photos. (No poo.)

It doesn't matter how many toys we hand her - she wants to eat her bib, and most particularly the tag on her bib, more than anything else...
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