Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Short little sleeps...

It's the short little naps that are the worst. You lay down, close your eyes... blissful rest! The tinny music from the mobile that will mean sleep to you for the rest of your life playing gently in the background. Stillness from the cradle. Finally! Sleep! Time to catch up on the rest you don't get at night! Your muscles relax, the symphony for your dreams begins to tune up, your breathing evens out...


That's the sound of tiny baby feet drumming on the cradle mattress.

You screw your eyes shut harder, concentrate on the dreams that are just out of reach. She'll go back to sleep.

THUMP THUMP. AblaaaaahblaaaahBLAAAAAaaaaaahhhh.....

"Shhhhhhh, shhhhhh," you say. You've had luck with that a few times. There's still a chance she'll relax and snooze some more.


Your dreams have fled in fear, all your muscles are tense, and you might as well open your eyes - the next sound will either be an escalation to outright crying, the sound of the baby throwing up out of the cradle onto the rug, or the sound of a diaper being noisily filled. Take your pick!

The nap count today:

1) 1.5 minutes
2) 20 minutes
3) 5 minutes

At some point you give up on trying to lay down when she does; this will invariably be the time she sleeps for 3 hours.

Not sleeping:

Tags: guppy, life

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