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So, yesterday didn't improve markedly, though I'm thankful for your good wishes. The site was refitted with new security and upgraded to the newest php - which crashed the calendar and my code was borked in a few places, which made Everything Worse. I updated the calendar and unborked the last of the code this morning, so everything is (pleaseohplease) running correctly now, but I got only one SHORT nap yesterday after a very SHORT night of sleep and was up VERY late last night and have gotten only one nap so far today. Dreamhost did reply in a fairly timely manner to let me know that hey, I found a bug! Their backup server wasn't working properly and they've got people working on it now, and boy, are they sorry, but gee, shouldn't I be backing things up myself? (Thank you, thank you, kick me while I'm down...)

Today, however is much better. As noted above, code is unborked. I got that load of laundry I wanted to do yesterday done. Paid bills. Got the information for appealing the bills the insurance company thinks it doesn't have to pay and am NOT too late to appeal them (yay!). I remembered to eat! (This helps mood greatly.) I may vacuum now, since baby girl shows no sign of wishing to nap and this much sitting at the computer is reminding me that hey, BROKEN TAILBONE. (Yes, that's still around. Better, but still not all healed up.) I have downloaded more than 22,000 files for PA, Sketch Fest, EMG and Torn World and zipped databases of every email and web account I host. I love having a big harddrive and a fast connection.

Sketch Fest on Friday!

Adorable baby is adorable!

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