Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Worst. Morning. Ever.

Woke up to find that one of my client's sites had been hacked... and hacked GOOD. Completely deleted the existing site and left one nasty little php file. Looks like a robot's work - the remaining file is totally generic.

So, I go to restore from backups, because my host is supposed to keep backups, though of course, they cover their butts and say they aren't guaranteed. Aaaaaaannnd, you guessed it, backups failed. Now, the database is clean, and I have all the SITE files, but that's a whole cubic buttload of photos and other important files that are No. Longer. There.

I am livid. What's more, I went to check my OTHER sites, and wouldn't you know - Every. Single. Backup. Failed. I'm doing a manual backup now, of course, but it's rather offputting to find that something you relied on has failed SO spectacularly.

I'm a little devastated, guys.

I have cute baby photos, but they aren't cheering me up. Maybe they'll cheer you up.

Tags: argh, guppy, photos

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