Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


And, brrrr! In the 40s this morning, and I'm quite miffed. Where the heck is my summer? There are yellow leaves on some of the trees, and that depresses me.

Cleaned 'toilets' this morning (human and cat) and am waiting for Guppy to wake up to do vacuuming and put in a new load of laundry. I have an OMGEmergency Print Service Order* to work on today and deliver, and some writing schtuff, if I can. Nap would be good, though last night wasn't brutal. (It's all relative.)

Swimming with babies! I have been talking about this with Jake, and would love your thoughts on it - how young did you take your tyke swimming? How'd it work out? Any thoughts beyond 'waterproof diaper' and 'head goes up'? I'd like her to be comfortable with water at a very young age.

I'm thinking about offering one or two commission slots for sketch work, which I seem to be able to manage more reliably than color or ink... would anyone want one? I'm thinking $10 for something about this level. Just fast, low-pressure, discount something to get back in the game. Interested?

*Print service orders are not technically open, but I'm a sucker.
Tags: business, guppy, weather

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