Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesday with extra sleep

After several rough nights (and days!) in a row, I had my Mom watch Elsa for a few hours while I put in earplugs and caught up on some sleep. Ahhhhh....

I also power-cleaned my poor neglected printer and did some prints that I owed and worked a little on some programming. Torn World is the first site to get a big, massive, huge security update. I plan to apply it at Sketch Fest and the lilypad and several other sites, too.

Sketch Fest #27 will be August 10-12! Weekend after this one!

Torn World's Muse Fusion is August 24-27!

I know what you're here for, though:

Mom and I made SHARK SHEETS! They match her nursery perfectly.

Stayin' alive!
Tags: guppy, photos, sketch fest, torn world
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