Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Obligatory Political Post

It's not even August, and I am so, so over the politics. I don't mind disagreeing with you - and we're bound to! - but the venom I'm seeing this year has been really unsettling. Smart people, nice people, get swept up in this ugly 'us-versus-them,' fixating on specific issues or fears or catchy macros or really suspect 'data'. I don't mind when they express support for someone or something... that's awesome, in fact. But it seems like it's less and less 'support for X' and more and more 'talk crap about Y.' Liberals are all lazy and on wealthfare. Conservatives are all racist. Democrats want to take away all our freedoms. Republicans are responsible for gun crime. Point fingers. Blame problems.

The economy the way it is, the speed at which our culture is evolving... these unsettled times need a divided population like it needs more poverty and drought. I can't fix these problems, and I don't think any one candidate can. But I can fix what I see, and how I act, and I will be filtering out folks who are spreading things I consider hateful, on both sides of the party lines. (On Facebook, where possible, I'm just changing to 'important updates only', so I'll miss all your likes and shares, but hopefully still see your actual status updates, etc.) It's not that I like you any less, just that I am weary of the rhetoric and dismayed by the ugliness. I still want to see your art and read your stories and know what's happening in your life - you're people, not parties! But if the noise to signal ration is too high, I'll be tuning you out for a while. I want to focus on positive things: growth, creativity and generosity. I hope you understand. Drop by the political-free zone of my journal any time. You'll be welcome, no matter who your candidate of choice is.

It goes without saying that comments should be respectful, or I'll close them.
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