Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Updates for Thursday

Congratulations Jenny Heidewald! I did a random draw from all the comments left this past Sketch Fest, and you won! (Really, I promise, it was completely random, as generated through Random.org - it just HAPPENED to be an awesome comment prompting an artist to submit work appropriate for an upcoming EMG-Zine theme. I facepalmed when I went to see the comment that won, because it totally looks deliberately chosen. :P) You get to pick one of my available Sketch Fest pieces! (To-be-finished pieces not eligible, sorry! I think there's only one of those, all the rest are fair game...)

Portrait Adoption arteeests! We've had a lull in new work! Please submit! Also, there's a commission request in the submitted descriptions! It's incentive time, I think - I will add submitted description alerts (get an email when a new submitted description is added! Plus options to not get that email!) if I get 10 portraits submitted in the next 6 days!

10 portraits of 10! 100% there! Must be in by midnight, Aug 1 to count! Way to go, Erika and Chella!!

To do today:

  • The giant pile of dirty dishes (waiting for Guppy to wake up)
  • Programming - item 1 (slog!) and item 2 (fun!).
  • Shower
  • Send out Paypal payments for Sketch Fest
  • Update Torn World
  • 20 emails (my inbox, you guys... my inbox! *hides*)
  • Coloring book order
  • Sketch Fest sale(s)
  • Finish Lady Bug Warrior
  • Power clean printer?

    Here are two recent pieces I've posted at Torn World:

    Guppy's up!
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