Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I'm behind! (Photos and art, oh my!)

Still have a raspy cold, but I'm recovering, and Guppy seems to have escaped with nothing worse than a little temporary congestion and maybe some crankiness. Sleep has been rare and precious - yesterday I got 19 minutes worth of nap spread out over two tries. Unsatisfying! Today, I got two hours and feel human.

Last weekend was Sketch Fest, I will subject you to my two favorites:

(sold, inquire for prints)

(for sale)

I am sitting down now to work on some programming thangs for Sketch Fest now... be sure to upload your pieces asap, if you haven't yet!

I got a nifty new feature coded in at Torn World - character sheets now automatically detect references to other characters and link to them! http://www.tornworld.net/cisintro.php It's especially cool because it means never having to go back to character sheets and update them - it only detects approved characters in the database, so any mention of a character (that's spelled right!) should link - like magic! I plan to modify this to do the same with vocabulary once the language database is running correctly, too... detected words in stories and poetry will automatically have alt-text with their English translation and notes. Woot! (We shall not speak of the 228 emails I got through a form from a hacker trying to get into the database. That form doth not connect to a database, bastards. Also, I've blocked your email from the joining forms. Go to hell, already.)

Weather has been sucktastic... rainy and windy.

And... I'm behind on baby photos! Way behind! Here are my two favorites, with more behind the cut:

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