Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

It's alive!

But barely. Helluva cold, and have not had extra energy to do anything. I've read a little Internet on the iPad while nursing (can sometimes click a like on Facebook, but really, that's about it...), and otherwise, have been alternating time between sleeping (or trying to sleep without breathing too deeply) and being groggy-Mom. Woke up this morning feeling pretty beat, but recovered more swiftly than I expected and am agog at all the stuff I have to catch up on. So far, Guppy seems to have escaped this. She was a liiiiiitle more snotty than usual and had an intermittent dry cough one day, but it was gone so fast I'm not positive I identified it correctly. Go antibodies? *crossing fingers*

Bullet points:

  • Sketch Fest! Tomorrow! Be sure to grab any available originals you might be interested in: http://ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/sketchfestwall.php?date=9998

  • Torn World Muse Fusion! Next week, July 27-29! http://www.facebook.com/events/483131298383460/

  • It rained like MAD last night. I love having a metal roof - I find the sound really soothing, and the sleep that monster minimus let me get was very deep and satisfying. I do miss having a real summer, though. Not that I WANT drought or anything, but our high yesterday was 58 degrees. BRR!

  • SO many story ideas and solutions. I need more typing time, but apparently being sick is remarkably good incentive for unraveling plot problems and mentally composing stories. I also want to paint. And sketch. And I have some clever programming solutions I want to implement at both Sketch Fest and Torn World. I SHOULD use any free time to sleep. Like, you know, now. >.>

  • I am still tossing around the idea of a Kickstarter for a volume 4 of the EMG-Zine anthology. In part because this would get eyes on EMG-Zine, in part because I would LOVE to unload some of the existing anthologies as incentives, and in part because I'd really like to see a wrap-up volume. It wouldn't a single year, like the others, but a bundle of the best of the last four years, and probably it would be the best of the bunch. On that topic - we are still looking for 'reflections' themed artwork for the August issue (though the deadline has technically passed!). Remember, we're really trying to make our last few months great issues! Please take a look and see if you have anything appropriate! The September theme is Greek Mythology, see if you have anything for that, too! (And you can submit for the future themes, too: Wolves, Magic and Stars.)

  • Pictures!

    (I didn't realize these two pictures were so similar until I had them lined up together - I promise, we play with different toys, and I don't keep Guppy strapped into her bouncer all day... she's just easy to photograph there.)
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