Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesday photos

I may have dodged whatever illness Jake had, and he is definitely on the mend. I had such a rotten night of sleep I almost canceled my massage in favor of a good nap... but I'm glad I didn't - dear heavens I had some knots, and my masseuse doesn't pull punches. I feel like I was mauled by a clawless grizzly, and it's wonderful. A niggling headache I didn't realize I had is gone. AND I got a nap.

The next section of Rails is up! http://www.tornworld.net/storypageview.php?id=390

I am stewing over whether I need to fill in a scene between this one and the next (which is already written and submitted).

And, what you're really here for...

Tags: guppy, photos, writing

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