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Weird dreams last night, involving a tiny cookie bakery (tiny cookies, not a tiny bakery), a locked bathroom and the requisite fleeing from the mafia-nazi-faceless-bad-guys. (They show up a lot... or rather, are off-screen in nearly every dream; I'm sure there's something to be revealed of my inner psyche there, but I dunno what it is.)

Finished 'The Harder They Fall' yesterday. At least a 2-kleenex boxer, I hope. *grins* I hope that I didn't get too far off on D'zan's motivations. This poor story... I wrote it last year in basically one sitting, and it has since been butchered, chopped into pieces, re-written about six times and is almost nothing like it was when it went through the SAT just a month ago. It's also changed names three times. I really, really hope this is its final incarnation. I've got to get into the habit of doing such conscientious work on my snow-unicorn stuff. NaNoWriMo look out... I'm going to finish *something* marketable this year if it kills me.

Hoping for some contract/web time tonight. Really, really, really hoping. And tomorrow. Maybe I can *finally* get it all finished this weekend. How many weekends have I been saying that?

*eyes NaNoWriMo dreams* Yeah... maybe not this year either. :(

I have an itchy, overdue need to sit down and reprioritize my life.

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