Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

A different kind of baby photo... O.o

So this morning, my parents went to take their dog and mine for a walk... and Norway got distracted under the porch. Dad, seeing something small that Norway was after, thought it was a vole, and moved the bag of straw we had stored there. Not a vole - a bird's nest. In possibly the stupidest place for a bird's nest ever:

It was too late for one of them (poor little fuzzball), but there are four very terrified, blinky little birds in that nest.

And no, the nest had not fallen, it was built there, just sort of stuffed under a flap of plastic bag. I had noticed a bird would frequently fly out from under the porch when I came outside, but just assumed there were some tasty seeds or bugs there. It's amazing they lasted this long. I believe they are juncos. Mom is definitely still around and very loudly miffed.

While part of me feels like being eaten by my dog would be a very appropriate and Darwin part of the lifecycle (really, they are too stupid to live!), the Samaritan in me called Fish and Game, where they asked if I could protect it from the dog and leave it in place. Hmm. Not really very easily, that's for sure. I suppose I could put skirting all around the porch, but I suspect he would dig at it. Jake's going to look into some kind of chicken wire, so we'll see.

In more normal baby news, I got AMAZING sleep last night. The getting to sleep was absolutely brutal, with several hours of fussing ranging between shrill complaining babbles and outright shrieking, but the sleep itself hit new records: a 5.25 hour patch and a 3 hour patch. Between them was an hour of 'I'm done sleeping!' that took some overcoming, but still... feeling much refreshed. Miraculously, no diaper blow-outs, though they were VERY full. And yes, I have a photo for the day - Guppy fell asleep trying to pull on the ladybug, and stayed this way for a good 20 minutes before her hand slipped off:

Some programming now; I've got some paid work on my plate, and my brain feels together enough to deal with it.
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