Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

This post brought to you by the word 'M.'

Guppy's newest vocabulary word is M.

I bet you though M was just a letter, but in truth, it's about seventeen words. M can variably mean: a close-mouthed giggle, I'm hungry, I like that, What's up?, Mom!, Mom?, I'm sad, or hey, what's this sound I can make now?

She's also discovered she can make a piercing screamy-thing, but we're trying to discourage that, because it's rather ear-shattering and nerve-grating. I've told her I'm proud that she's exploring new sounds, but let's find some better new sounds to make.

Have a photo:

There are a few hours left on the Torn World Muse Fusion: http://torn-world.livejournal.com/113770.html

I wrestled out some plot things for the next Rails installments in my head (*grins!* Juicy stuff!) and am dying to get them down, and a few of the prompts have also pinged my interest... neeeeeed mooooore tiiiiime! I did write one short story, Winning the Game, which my word processor claims is 666 words. O.o You can actually read it already - although it hasn't been through the canon board yet, EMG-Zine had no fiction or poetry on the topic of games, so I threw it at puffbird and she used it. http://emg-zine.com/item.php?id=856 (Check out the rest of the issue, too!)

Today has been productive so far - I've vacuumed, made Jake's lunch, paid bills, bleached the cat's water dish (still needs rinsed), cleaned out some emails, and done some nagging on the $1000+ in unpaid, overdue invoices. That's a lot of diapers! I have a load of laundry almost ready to in - not sure I want to disturb the snoozing Guppy to go collect it right now. And we will not discuss how much sleep I have not had, because that just gets old. I should maybe be sleeping now, but am way too wound up, and I think I'd rather have a shower at this point. Clean is good.
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