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1. Practice humility. I am far, far too vain. I really think I am 'all that,' and I should know better. Which is one of the reasons I'm writing this list.

2. Don't second-guess every piece of every conversation. I can't go away from every interaction wondering if I really sounded as stupid as I thought I did. I have a terrible time conversing, and I think most of it is in my own addled, self-conscious head.

3. Don't assume anything. Like if I don't hear from someone right away, that doesn't mean they don't like me, and if no one is commenting on my stuff, it really is my own fault for not following any of my own advice!

4. Exercise. I've been so stuck in front of a computer lately that I think my butt-bones are wearing holes in my ass.

5. Organize myself. My desk is scary. And my business is too big now to rely on my increasingly awful memory.

6. Eat! My hypoglycemia is not improving. And I'm not helping it. (Note that I am drinking a sugary Coke at the moment, which is very, very, very bad for me) And I think I lost weight when I had the flu, and I haven't gained any back. I don't have any weight to lose, or even misplace.

7. Stop working once in a while. Yeah. Like that'll ever happen.

8. Reach out. Tell people that I appreciate their talents and amazing individuality. Be a friend.

9. Quit agreeing to do things that I can't, or shouldn't.

10. Remember to be happy. It's a choice, I have to be disciplined enough to choose it.


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Jan. 23rd, 2002 07:12 pm (UTC)
1. You're not "all that". I'm "all that". Yes, I am.

9. Boy, this sounds disturbingly familiar. XD I'm just learning to say no. I have to. Woodworks leaves me with little time for anything else.

10. Amen!
Jan. 23rd, 2002 11:37 pm (UTC)
Late new-years resolutions?

1. But you are. Tarlia too. :-)

5. Do you mean you keep important things in the depth of the desk?

7 and 4 sounds combineable. Take long walks in deep snow or something.

9. is familiar to me as well, before.
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