Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Happy Father's Day!

For father's day, Jake and I got a sitter and pretended we didn't have a baby for a few hours. We went out to a movie (Avengers!!!!) and grabbed a burger at a bar. It was novel being able to eat in leisurely fashion - Elsa has the most AMAZING timing with her diapers and sudden ravenous hunger... it always hits about 5 minutes after sitting down to a hot meal. Avengers was fantastic - just a really great romp with some utterly awesome moments. ("He was adopted." "Puny god." "Genius. Billionaire. Playboy. Philanthropist.") We stopped and rented the Hulk and Captain America on the way home. I was much more bothered by my absence than little Guppy was - she napped and played and took a bottle and peed on the changing table during her diaper change and only fussed once, briefly, without much concern that it was someone else dancing to her whims, and wasn't even all that excited to see me when I came back. Ho hum, just Mom.

We've had some rougher than usual days lately, so I let Dad be Dad for a while to celebrate the day and took a nap with earplugs yesterday afternoon, and then slept in this morning. (Where 'slept in' really means 'went back to bed after the 5 AM feeding* and again after the 8 AM diaper change and didn't get up and get dressed until nearly 10!') Feeling much refreshed!

I have some edits to do on Wrong Side of the Rails that should tighten things up a bit, and some paid programming to do... plus a phone call to make and laundry to finish.

Have another photo - Jake says our daughter is a ham, do you think so??

*There was also a 1 AM feeding and a 2 AM diaper change, after a flat-out tired refusal to go to bed before 10:30... so not, you know, a GREAT night, but I still got enough sleep eventually.
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