Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

general update of the one-handed kind

Monsterus Minimus has been super fussy and needy the last several days - nursing frequently and requiring a great deal of soothing to get to sleep - and then popping up from naps much sooner than she ought to be. Hello growth spurt! I'm already regretting that Aunt R. showed us how much fun 'up! down!' could be... my arms are sore. (Big toothless baby grins are worth it, though.)

I nearly finished "Wrong Side of the Rails' on Thursday, though it took several tries on Friday and the sacrifice of a nap today to get a few more sentences that it needed. Off for approvals now. Hopefully the ending manages that 'wait, what?!' moment I was going for. This is a totally different genre of writing than I usually do, but I'm really enjoying it.

The arm Elsa is finally, reluctantly snoozing on is going to sleep. Going to attempt the cradle transfer now... wish me luck.
Tags: guppy

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