Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

The Most Amazing Stroller Ever

So my tabletop gaming group pitched in together and bought me this: Jeep Overland Jogging Stroller.

I have no intention of jogging with it - a back injury means my chances of ever jogging again are slim to none... and it also makes baby-wearing problematic. But this thing ought to be marketed as an Amazing, Fantastic, Offroad, Hiking Stroller for the not-as-athletic-as-they-ought-to-be, and that's how I use it.

I am stretching its intended window use a bit - it is meant for babies that can sit up under their own power, which Elsa can't quite do yet. But I was able to cinch in the straps enough that I felt comfortable taking her out - and subsequently took her over some seriously pitched terrain - and she seemed happy and safe. I took her, and my sister, plus three dogs, out for our first trial a few weeks ago, and never looked back.

That first trip, we went over rough trail - lots of exposed roots, sharp turns, washouts - with no trouble. At the risk of sounding like a US Postal commercial, we went through water (several wide mudpuddles - my shoes fared worse than the stroller), mud (goopy, sucky stuff), ice (I had more trouble staying upright than the stroller did), snow (slush, really...) and even lifted over a fallen tree.

This stroller, you guys... I am SOLD. It is light enough that I never felt like I was wrestling a small car, and yet it feels incredibly sturdy, and some good abuse didn't so much as phase it. The brakes work fantastically - the foot brake in particular makes me feel perfectly safe placing Elsa between a river and a campfire. The tires are big and bouncy enough that Jake had to look twice to see that it didn't come with some kind of shock system. It turns on a dime, handles like a dream, and Elsa seems completely content and comfortable inside it. It went places some hikers would not go, has forded several overflow streams now, and it still looks as fresh and lovely as it did when I first picked it up. It has an adjustable sun/rain hood (with viewing 'sunroof' for worry-wart moms like me), and I am SO happy with the adjustable handle-height - Jake and I can both be completely comfortable pushing this. It even has a sound system, though I have not used this much yet.

It folds up - if not exactly small, at least smaller, and has a little bit of storage space underneath... storage space I sort of forgot about while fording some water, and the clearance is enough that my stuff didn't get wet! We also got the bug-netting and rain-shield with ours, and used both on our last camping trip - the bug-netting is hard to use while in motion, but some clips ought to fix that without much trouble.

Have some photos - I'll stop gushing now...

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