Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
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Back photos and... uh... stuff.

Puttering around on coding things at Torn World and getting a bunch of metafiction things ironed out and sorted. It's going well! You can see a sneak peek here, though it's definitely more impressive if you're logged in as a contributor. And it seems to be better suited for my current state of mind than fiction writing or art. (Though I have some ideas for the Rails storyline that I really ought to jot down...)

Healthwise, doing better. My things are healing up like they are supposed to be - the tailbone still causes some pretty good discomfort if I sit too long, but it isn't agony every time I sit anymore, and I'll take that any day. Elsa's health goes well - we had to go to the doctor about a rash (yeast, grr!) yesteday, but otherwise, she's growing and doing well. 12 lbs, 4 oz, as of yesterday! Her hand coordination continues to improve. If she misses naps (like yesterday), she turns into a monster (like she did at the doctor's office, *sigh!*), but otherwise, is still happy, wonderful baby.

Velcro continues to expand due to Operation Fat Cat, and continues to mostly be a great, happy cat... but has meowed at night a few times lately. I get up and squirt her with the spray bottle if I can muster the energy, because my sleep is still precious. (I did get a decent amount of sleep last night and feel pretty good today.) She (Velcro) has figured out that purring sometimes calms Elsa down, and will come hang out beside us purring for all she's worth when Elsa's being noisy. She's also discovered that she fits on the boppy while I'm nursing, so it's sometimes a cuddly threesome for mealtimes.

Woops, window of opportunity for a shower and lunch - I'm going to take it!!
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