Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Two photos

Revenge on the mammoth!

Guppy got her first mosquito bites this weekend, and doesn't much care for them. Pictured here with a full-scale* mosquito toy.

We went camping again on Friday night - it wasn't quite as successful as the previous weekend, as there was a plumbing leak... right over the fuse box. (So we lost power several times and it was puzzling, because the leak was not discovered until we got back.) Also, Guppy had an extremely fussy time going to sleep that night. Also, it rained buckets. Other than that, it was wonderful, and we went for a long hike on Saturday in places not made for a stroller (with no trouble at all), and had delicious food and good times.

Laundry today, and various other housekeeping, baby-caring jobs. Maybe some writing, if I'm lucky - I got 700 words written yesterday, and that's as much as the last two weeks put together.

*Not really.

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