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A Tuesday report

Things accomplished yesterday: bank meeting at which our credit union admitted their incompetence, morning work meeting, pushed a project out, took the afternoon off and worked on webpage and contracts. Moved *all* of my mailing list info to the new program, learned how to password protect folders on my webpage and did so for every single artist login...

(octoberdreaming, my new server has an automated system for doing so, but I found some instructions for creating a htaccess file that *didn't* work on my old server... try a google search for password protect htaccess. I dunno if it'll work at your site)

... and I got a good solid start on building the individual artist-contract-login page thingies. Each page is going to have all of their designs listed on it, and all of their contact information and payment methods, and a form to make changes. It will be muuuuch easier to keep a handle on records this way, and it lays a bit of the burden of making sure their information is accurate on the artist. (Besides, it makes it very, very easy for them to check and see what information I have, in case they can't remember if they told me about some info change...)

I also got my list of artists updated to include the artists for the mermaid coloring book, so I can get that up asap, too. (I haven't rebuilt all the pages so that it shows up yet, but that's coming... the artist-login pages have all the *new* site information on them, with the new search categories and hard-linked product pages and such.) Also got three orders out, cleaned up a bunch of stuff, installed a doorknob (we have a front doorknob now!! One that turns and latches and stuff!!), and watched some brainless television while writing Kaz stories on my Palm. Also packed up my swim bag so I could shower this morning at DOT. Packed pretty clothes, no less... velvety lace up bodice over flowy white shirt over long fuzzy-lacey broomstick kinda skirt. Left my hairstick at the shower this morning. *smacks head* Gunna be bummed if it's gone, as it's a very cool hairstick with dangly wooden beads and seeds that clink when I turn my head.

Huh. *reads back* I was feeling sort of crummy for not getting contracts done yesterday, but that's a pretty respectable list of accomplishments...

It would just be much nicer to be already finished with some of this stuff.... *grumbles*

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