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Oof! Tough couple of days. I'm pretty sure Elsa decided to start teething last week - she started drooling like a moat monster and stuffing anything available into her mouth to chew on, waking up at night a LOT and by Friday was a terribly, terribly unhappy child who would be comforted by nothing. She didn't particularly like having her mouth looked at, but I thought I could see a white gum-lurker on the bottom. Saturday, however, the drool receded, and by Sunday she was hardly drooling at all, though her mood took another day to bounce back completely. She seems smiles and play again today, and we got good sleep last night. My sister says the nephews did teething in spurts - a day or two of unhappiness, followed by a week or so of no progress, followed by more teething symptoms, a break, etc... until the tooth finally decided to do its business.

I'm a bit behind on sleep at the moment, and quite behind on everything else. I do have a new poem up at Torn World: Serpent Skin. This poem is shared free for the rest of May as part of Sea Serpent Month, and is thereafter available for sponsorship of $5 (TW or EMG credits eligible). (Remember that there's a comment contest this month! Any reader may participate!)

PA artists - there are two submitted descriptions available to work on! Check the lilypad!

Still on track for a Sketch Fest at the end of June!

I owe many comments and emails and such... shall try to get caught up soon. After this nap...

I'm wishing this photo had come out in better focus... it is so perfectly 'woe is me.'

The fish was thiiiiiiis big!

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