Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesday with Sleeeeep...

FIVE hours of sleep in a row! To be fair, I woke up at 3.5 hours, realized there wasn't a peep from the cradle, said 'hallelujah!' in my head and went back to sleep, but still... FIVE hours in a row where I didn't have to budge from my bed. I think Guppy took that threat of leaving her out for the wolves to raise seriously.

Bread is made, laundry is a consideration... but Guppy's napping at the moment, so I'd like to get some writing in.

And speaking of writing, my next newly-public (thanks to haunted_blood!) story to highlight is Railcrossing. This story is WAY outside of my normal comfort zone and I'm a little shy about spotlighting it... it's easily the most erotic, graphic thing I've written. I... ah... hope I did it right? Because it is rated 'adult,' it can only be viewed by logged-in readers. The Rails plot does not require this story - this is what happens after the tasteful fade-to-black at the end of Railchange. If you'd prefer to leave it to your imagination, you won't miss any plotpoints. (That's one of the lovely things about the structure at Torn World, you can write a story at a general rating, but interject optional scenes of a completely different rating whenever you like, without having to change the rating of the whole collection.)

And on a COMPLETELY different note:

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