Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Blue Skies on Monday

It's a gorgeous day and was a really lovely weekend. My first Mother's Day was wonderful - you only wish you'd had the bacon-wrapped tenderloins Jake grilled for me, or the corn on the cob, or the perfect baby carrots and potatoes... and I LOVE the earrings he got me - custom-made amethyst (Elsa' birthstone) and mother-of-pearl. I feel unbelievably fancy in them. Also, I didn't have to wash any dishes!!

I also got some nice naps over the weekend, and Guppy seems to have gotten back into a more favorable sleep pattern (knock on wood) so I'm getting good three-hour+ blocks of sleep again each night, at least once.

This morning I have done some hacker thwarting (*shakes fist*) and made bread. I am considering vacuuming.

Last few hours of the May Muse Fusion... will Guppy continue to nap so I can do another few prompts? STAY TUNED FOR THE EXCITING CONCLUSION! (And also for today's baby photo.)

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