Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Back to Best Baby.

I got THREE naps yesterday, one of them particularly good, and last night we got Very Good sleep - one block of 3 and a half hours! No diaper leaks, one false alarm, only one round of nursing and it was back to sleep every time, right away.

I was reading one of my baby books yesterday, and there was a section on 'Difficult Babies.' The first type of 'difficult baby' was: the Active Baby. It was like a checklist of Elsa, starting with wiggling in the womb, through sleeping less than other babies and being bright and alert most of the time. The biggest danger of an active baby is that they hurt themselves accidentally. I never, ever would have classified Guppy as a 'difficult baby,' not even yesterday morning, nor would I want her any other way.

Active baby is active!

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