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Project Updates - Torn World, Sketch Fest, EMG-Zine...

Torn World

While I was zombie-ing around this week looking for my brain, the paid LJ account for Torn World expired! Boo! Diapers are taking too much of my budget for me to simply donate that myself, but I'm willing to work for it... this is an updated list of the stories and poems I have available for sponsorship. A paid account for a year costs $25 - all sponsorships to that total will go 100% to cover a years worth of ad-free community costs! Many are also available for karma sponsorship (the awesome non-monetary currency at Torn World that you earn for submitting work or commenting), but those don't count towards the paid account.

With sponsorship of a story, you are listed as a patron (even when you 'sponsor' with karma) and the story becomes public for anyone to read. Show off your good taste by sponsoring your favorite topics, authors and stories. You can send me Torn World credits or karma at my Torn World member page, just let me know what it's for! And do consider subscribing at Torn World - you get access to ALL these stories and poems, as well as all the free material at the site, for as little as $5! It's a steal, AND you get $4 (of a $5 subscription) back to donate to the artists and authors YOU want to support.

You may also use the donate button at the bottom of the Torn World site, or use your EMG credits (from Sketch Fest, coloring books sales, etc.). Just let me know what you're sending funds for.

Upheaval and Ancient stories:

A Simple Order, 1500 words. A pre-Upheaval story that gives some insight to the source of the snow-unicorns. sponsor for $15.00.

Northern Stories:

An Apple with Kick is 815 words, prompted by Heidi and explores an unwelcome meal for a young snowy and Birka has to deal with the consequences. It is available for sponsorship: $7.50 or 150 karma

I took Lorna's prompt and this picture and got "Heart of a Tree," a haunting 1100 word Northern story starring Taiv. $11, buy now or 200 karma

"Not Fair," prompted by lj user chibicharibdys: 1200 words, about Kether, Kativa and Tolnam becoming adults. Sponsor for $15. or 300 karma

The Secret Scroll" The ashes of Itadesh stir up old memories as Birka and Fala figure out what happened to the village. 900 words Sponsor for $10. or 200 karma

The Forgotten City" The southern explorers find a ruined city in the north. 900 words Sponsor for $10. or 200 karma

In development: Hampered, probably 6-7000 words. Why do they think Kativa may be able to hear Otherweather? Did she really kill an Other with a broken arm? Find out in this story, 1000 words already written, and the full plot outlined. sponsor for $50. (I will also do an ink illustration if sponsored at $75.00.) This will take a little work to finish up, but can be pre-sponsored, which means it is moved from the bottom of my priority list to the top, and you get a sneak peek! :)

City of Lights Storyline:

From Ysabet's prompt about an apocryphal licence, I got "An Everything License," a story about Jerumal and Denel's boys, arguing about whether an everything licence actually exists. Does it? Well... it does and doesn't! 750 words, sponsor for $10. or 200 karma.

Spectacles Young Rai and Bai visit a medic with their mother to get glasses. 1500 words, sponsor for $15. or 300 karma.

Rails Storyline (Ressa and Bai):

Rules are Rules Bai and Ressa discuss a marriage license justification form. Fiction, 717 words. $10 sponsorship! or 200 karma.

Grandma Monster, 1000 words. Ressa brings new news for a local gossip - and gets some of her own! Sponsor for $10.00, send 10 credits, or 200 karma.

Railchange, 2000 words. Ressa dresses up for a date. Get a glimpse of some of the privileges of the Carnal Guild!Sponsor for $20.00, send 20 credits, or 400 karma.

Railcrossing, 2250 words. Ressa and Yeff go back to her apartment... (Spicy, adult content! Easily the raciest thing I've written yet!)Sponsor for $20.00, send 20 credits, or 400 karma.

It's the Little Things, 850 words. Olarli fumes! Part of the Rails storyline, a response to some of the events in Railplay. Sponsor for $5.00, send 5 credits, or 100 karma.

Don't Say Murder, 500 words. A third Railrage murder is found... Sponsor for $5.00, send 5 credits, or 100 karma.

Other Empire-set stories:

Inner Worlds and Anamolies" A free verse poem about Others and spirits and souls. 14 lines Sponsor for $5.

Pretending, illustrated by Valerie Higgins. A look at the life of a cripple in the Empire. sponsor for $10. or 200 karma.

These are future stories! Some of them are already reviewed and just waiting patiently for the timeline to catch up so that they can be posted:

(None are spoilers, and you may receive a bonus sneak preview of them if you sponsor them!)

"Southern Spring," a talk about northern versus southern spring between Jerumal and Birka, 750 words. Sponsor for $7.50.

By the Clock, 900 words, features Birka and Jerumal. It was prompted by Valdary at a Muse Fusion and shows some northern/southern differences. Buy now: $10

All stories have been sponsored! Our community has been made ad-free again! You guys ROCK.

There is also a Muse Fusion this weekend! Look for our opening post shortly! I would love your prompts, as I feel creative enough to tackle some of them, and (knocks on wood) Elsa appears to be in a nappy mood today.

ETA: It's open now: http://torn-world.livejournal.com/108588.html - come leave prompts!


We're collecting work in the theme of 'Games' this month! Search your harddrives for artwork, stories or poetry with that topic and consider submitting it!

Check out May's issue, while you're there. :)

Sketch Fest

June 22-24 has pulled into the lead in our poll. I am tentatively planning a Sketch Fest that weekend!

(I got GOOD sleep last night, can you tell??)
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