Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Anatomy of a Night with Guppy

7 PM: NOT sleepy.

8 PM: Nursing. NOT sleepy.

9 PM: Fussy fit with fists in mouth. You aren't hungry yet, baby girl... you just ate! Oh, you really ARE hungry. Okay... Nursing. Down to sleep. (Yes!)

9:15 PM: Mom gets to go to sleep. (Double Yes!)

11:30 PM: 'Eh! Eh!' New diaper. Nursing.

12:30 AM: Mom gets back to sleep.

2:15 AM: 'Eh!' New diaper. Nursing. I inform her that if this is a growth spurt, it's supposed to be a temporary thing, but this has been going on like this since Sunday night. She yawns.

2:45 AM: Back to sle--

2:46 AM: Loud gross diaper noises mean we're up for a new diaper.

2:55 AM: Back to sleep.

4 AM: Diaper change - Guppy has peed through her diaper, so this means a full bedding change... and she throws up on her new outfit as I'm changing her, so there's a third outfit. While I'm changing her, she decides to contribute some more, so we change the diaper again. By this point, she's wide awake and hungry, so we nurse. I point out that I could get a lovely few hours of sleep before morning things happen if she decides to let me, and wouldn't that be great for everyone? She agrees, but there are no witnesses.

4:30 AM: Back to sleep.

5 AM: Another diaper, are you serious? Yes, she is. Though it was contained this time (I suspect it would not have been, with the Pampers). I point out to her that the average baby is supposed to go through 8 and 12 diapers in a whole day. She is unimpressed.

5:10 AM: Back to sleep.

6 AM: She says 'eh!' I say 'uuuuuuhhhhh'. She insists. We change the diaper... and while I'm switching between them, she decides it's a perfect time to peeeeeeee, so we get to switch outfits and bedding again. While I'm changing out the bed and she's strapped on the changing pad, we get more gross diaper noises and get to change the diaper AGAIN.

6:40 AM: Have laid down to sleep, but hear noises of husband waking up next door. Take baby in to him for cuddles. Steal cuddles for myself. Husband has to get up and start his day, Guppy begins fuss-engine. Nursing. I remind her that the paperwork we got from the clinic says that by 3 months, she should only be nursing 4-5 times a day. She smiles hugely at me.

7:20 AM: Back down to sleep. Please, sleep. Need SLEEP. Starting to hallucinate about diapers.

8:20 AM: 'Eh!' Diaper change. Throws up on outfit. Another new outfit. Looks incredibly cute. WIDE AWAKE. Mom cries a little, then goes and makes bread.

Oo... she's snoozing, I'm going to try another nap. Have 2.5 photos that remind me why she hasn't been left outside for the wolves to raise yet:

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