Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Oh, Internet wisdom engine!

I need some parent advice!

A little over a week ago, Elsa started peeing through her diapers at night. Consulting the Internet yielded the advice to move up a size in diapers... She's not technically at the listed weight, but it seemed to work just fine, for about a week... I also moved from Pampers Swaddlers to Pampers Baby Dry (size 2) for the nights. Worked great, right up until two nights ago, when she started peeing through again.

I'm not testing that 12 hour claim that Baby Dry makes, I am changing her every two hours (at LEAST) through the night, up at the first little 'Eh!' she makes, and by that point, she has often half-filled her diaper and her sleeper and sheets are wet. I'm changing her bedding at least twice a night. It is exhausting, and can't be comfortable for her. She goes through plenty of diapers through the day (ridiculous amounts, actually... 20 diapers in a 24 hr day is not that unusual), but does not usually leak. The diapers at night are mostly, but not fully saturated. Once or twice they have looked a little loose (like she's wiggled them out of place), but for the most part, they seem snug. The leakage appears to be in the center of the back.

Thoughts?? Ceasing to feed her would probably be frowned upon.

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