Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Social and baby stuffs...

I went to a toddler party for a friend's sprout yesterday and reconnected with a lot of people I hadn't seen since high school... it was a lot of fun, and Elsa was mostly an angel, though a little wide-eyed at all the noise and commotion. There was a pinata! And so many people! Though actually... I was probably as alarmed by the number of people as she was, really... it's been a long time since I was out in public being sociable. Brighton held her for me for a little while and I was able to take some action shots of the kids hitting the pinata.

Elsa was good all the way home, and into the evening, but when things caught up with her, got fussy, then overate, then threw up a gallon of milk and... because baby stomachs are actually bags of holding, did so a second and third time, too. Oh, joy. We took a shower together - Elsa likes showering with Mom! - and cuddled and wound down for a pretty good night of sleep.

Here's a picture that is not from the party OR from the throwing up:

Tags: guppy, photos

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