Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

One of those gushy Mom posts.

Early this week, Jake started teaching Elsa 'If you're happy and you know it,' clapping her hands for her. She loooooves this game, and it gets more smiles and chortles than anything else. And almost immediately after, she started putting her own hands together. Not for the song, she's not figured that out yet, but in general getting them together in front of her and figuring out how fingers interact with each other. (She looks a bit like a stoner doing so... 'Woah... my hands are huuuuuuge')

"I think she's starting to reach for stuff," Jake observed a few days ago. I may have scoffed. It's way too early for that to start!

But I noticed that her hands happened to bump into mine more often than usual over the next several days, and that I had to move her hands away from her diaper when I changed it. Yesterday, I put my finger in the middle of her chest, and she reached out and wrapped her fingers around it - and broke into a HUGE smile. She let go, and then did it again, smiling to split her face. Then, last night while Jake and I were playing with her, I put up the activity arch over her bouncer, and she picked up her hand and really slowly batted towards the snail. She wiggle-flails all the time, but this was deliberate. It took several tries, but she was clearly and definitely concentrating on getting hand-to-snail. We hung down a 'solar system' toy from the arch, because the snail wasn't actually within her reach, and it was clearly frustrating her. Delight! Conquest! Swinging toys!

Her movements are super jerky and still often random, and she is not at all sure what to do once she has actually touched something (she won't hold a toy yet), but she is thrilled by this leveling up.

This is going to make my life a new kind of challenging, isn't it? :P

ETA: 2 months checkup yesterday went swimmingly well. At 22.5" and 11.1 lbs, she's smack in the middle of her growth charts (except her head is a teeny bit small) and in excellent health. She peed on the doctor's intern ("At least she's well-hydrated!" he said cheerfully...) and otherwise gets gold stars for being cheerful and good-natured... right up to the shots. We nursed a little and she got over those tears, too and was happy enough to go meet some of Jake's coworkers. Two successful shopping trips with her since yesterday have me less worried about those in general now. BEST BABY EVER.
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