Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

More motherhood milestones

  • Projectile poo? Check. (Guppy finds this hilarious and follows it with smiles and giggling.)
  • One of THOSE nights? Check. (Two two-hour intervals of sleep, followed the rest of the night with 20 minute naps... I'd like to go back to that night where we slept five hours in a row, please. That was quite nice.)
  • Overtired/over-stimulated tears and wails for several hours? Check. (Hers, not mine, though the temptation was there...)

    Fortunately not all on the same night. Did I say merit badges? I think these deserve medals. Also, thank heavens for the husband. He has proven excellent at guessing what's wrong and at being available for baby hand-off when I need to step back and regroup. (Or pee, or shower, etc.) He gets medals, too. (The only problem is getting the baby BACK from him. 'No. Get your own baby.')

    Got a little art (!) done yesterday for the Muse Fusion (now closed for new prompts). I've got one left to scan, but here's the first sketch:

    A Raalyan purist, from vaerys' prompt.

    I'm tentatively thinking I might have the steam to run a Sketch Fest in May... Hm...
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