Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Sunday in the office...

So here I am. At work. On a Sunday.

I tell you, if these people didn't feed me for working weekends, I'd be a lot more pissed about this. But they've got a project they want out on Monday that they didn't even have backgrounds for, so here I am, puzzling away at hand-drafted drawings attempting to CAD in walls and gridlines. And whoever's brilliant idea it was to make a *round* building and not dimension everything on these drawings should be drug out and shot. What a pain in my butt.

On the up side, I'm still terribly pleased with dreamhost so far. I'm not sure I'm even going to attempt to fix the frontpage forms, as I was *never* happy with frontpage, and the dreamhost-provided forms that Jennie pointed me towards look just as flexible and functional. And just maybe they won't have 'personality conflicts' with greymatter.

Got a superspiffy comment at my Loth gallery the other day. It's so boggling to think random people out there actually track my progress. There are so many rising (and established) stars in Elfwood... it's really special to find that someone likes my work and knows about my business and projects and has been returning to my gallery for years. I mean, other than you nuts to whom I pimp myself shamelessly and flog into joining my projects. (Or find myself sucked into your projects... that too!)

Anywho... I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy and rather accomplished after that. Reminds me that I ought to update said gallery one of these days. I finished inking the Bad Snowy picture.. maybe I'll post that once I've scanned it. I'd really like to color that one too. Maybe watercolor. Maybe pencils.

Ugh. Back to faking drafting in walls.

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